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Exhibition Driebergen

25 02 2022

Graag nodig ik je uit om te komen kijken bij de expositie; GROW!

Een expositie van Gea Schmidt, Tessel Schmidt en Gemma Pauwels met schilderijen, videokunst en collages in de Cultuurhoek te Driebergen.

De expositie is geopend op 19, 20 EN 26, 27 maart 2022 van 12 tot 17 uur.

Shop opening!

05 11 2020

Happy to announce that my shop opened this week!

Rabo & Co

14 10 2020

Illustration for Rabobank magazine.

About Job opportunities per region (NL)


14 10 2020

Explainer video I draw and animated
for the town Diemen (NL).
About the importance of sorting your
waste and how to order wheelie bins.

Check video on youtube: HERE


27 03 2020

New editorial collage for Liefke Magazine

Photo by PuhaShop

Analog materials

04 11 2019

I added a new page on my website!

Mostly collage art, ink-experiments and
commissioned work using analog materials
(and a touch of psd ;).

Hope you like it > Collage/Ink

Summer column

20 08 2019

Next to a summer column series on books and
traveling for newspaper Trouw:

This was about the ‘The Green Road’, set in a
small town on Ireland's Atlantic coast.
Author Anne Enright.

Check Trouw to read all the columns:

Journal time

19 02 2019

Illustration and especially animation means a lot  of computer time, I love it, though I also try to keep in touch with real materials; collages, paint, ink, all kind of things I test, practice and play around with. Every monday I share my last works in a personal journal while using these analogue materials! :)

Check my instagram

Coloring Page

18 02 2019

Fun assignment for The Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem. I made a few pages for the children’s workshop. And tried to capture his beautiful loose painterly brushwork into a coloring page

The officers of the St George Militia Compagny in 1639, Frans Hals

Me too

18 02 2019

Last year I made a few illustrations concerning the # me too topic.

It's always relevant and so important to keep opening peoples eyes about the misuse of power, the sexual harassment and discrimination of women and man.

DNA Magazine, UMC Amsterdam

Ease Illustration

18 02 2019

UMC Amsterdam is opening a new department for people under the age of 18 to find a place where they can find psychological support.

DNA Magazine

Call for action

08 01 2019

Bahreinse vluchteling in gevaar na uitzetting door Nederland.
Lees artikel hier

Online illustration for campaign
Dutch Council for Refugees

Music video Cold Song

03 01 2019

I made a new music video! For the amazing Nora Fischer en Marnix Dorrestein.

Check the video here!


31 10 2018

Poster illustration & design for a new and interesting series of programs with short films & talks on the future of living in cities, called D.R.E.A.M. (Data Rules Everything Around Me).

For Deep End Film
Check event here!

Newspaper Trouw

19 09 2018

Illustration for an article about philosopher Timothy Morton in newspaper Trouw today * Morton claims climate change is a hyperobject, Morton uses the term to explain objects so massively distributed in time and space as to transcend localization (to big to handle for man).

Animated artwork for San Franscisco

19 09 2018

Watch videoclip here!

<3 Music by  franc thomas timmerman
<3 Artwork by cliff van thillo 

And animated by me! :)

Illustration Refugee Magazine

19 09 2018

Refugee Camps
Two years after the EU-Turkey deal the conditions are horrific at Greece’s ‘Island prisons’ for refugees and the European leaders turn their backs on them.

Couch surfing

08 06 2018

Snippet - More images and info soon!


22 10 2017

I made my first ever videoclip! For the dutch band Second December, song 'Dear e'.

Watch the videoclip!

A satisfaction survey

08 06 2018

For Alrijne (hospital) magazine

Online Panorama Painting

09 06 2018

To end a year of a Luther 500 special
I drew a 3d version of Luther's room.
It's on newspaper Trouw's website.
Look around HERE!

Caregive or take

06 03 2018

Caregivers are often overworked - They should take good care of themselves.

@ Newspaper Trouw


06 03 2018

Deep End Film - Little film festival Utrecht


06 03 2018

Illustration for Hard/hoofd's illustrated news special: Putin's war talk / propaganda

Fake news

06 03 2018

(Dutch) recipe for fake news

@ newspaper Trouw


06 03 2018

Special newspaper Trouw about losing a loved one to depression.

Let's talk about sex

22 10 2017

1 of the 9 b/w illustrations I made for a book called Sex op z'n Duits.

A collection of columns written by Linda Duits about sex, sexuality and student life.

Bookcover illustration & Design

22 10 2017

llustration and design for a collection of short essays about dutch writers and their pets.
Compiled by Rutger Lemm, published by De Geus


10 04 2017

Transparency human rights policy.
For Magazine Opzij about the dutch elections.


20 03 2017

My first bookcover! Made for the talented writer Lotte Lentes.
A reprint deluxe of De jongen, het stof.
Publisher Wintertuin


18 02 2017

I was asked to make an illustration for the tv guide of my fav broadcaster VPRO!
An editorial about the tv show Politicologica - The Dutch elections and how framing works.
This particular broadcast was about the political party PvdA.

Health care special newspaper Trouw

18 02 2017

For one week I made every day an illustration
about  the upcoming Dutch elections & Health policy issues.

Have a look at my Behance account to see (almost) all of them.

Animated logo

18 02 2017

A logo I designed and animated for
a new coaching and consultancy company Press Start.

Exhibition from now till the 4th of March!

12 01 2017

I'm exhibiting in the nicest place of Utrecht! :)

DB's Studio's: CAB-Rondom 100 (near Zuilen station)

Have a look!

Little Strollers

04 12 2016

Little Strollers is personal project
exploring the strange and the unknown.
Tiny scenes painted on wood (10x10 cm).

Have a look at the strollers on Etsy !


04 12 2016

The luther serie for newspaper Trouw continues.
Now at the Wartburg in Eisenach.

Special for Trouw

01 11 2016

The Next 12 months(!) I'll be illustrating every 2 weeks for Newspaper Trouw.

It's a yearlong special about Martin Luther' s 500th anniversary, nailing his 95 theses to the door of the castle church of Wittenberg on October 31, 1517, officially launching the Protestant Reformation.

Journalist Gerrit-Jan KleinJan will travel around the world to research Luther's influence.

Read the first article at (in Dutch)

Elusive expo on tour

01 11 2016

The exhibition with drawings en illustration has now moved to Amsterdam!
It's at the beautifull co-working space The Thinking Hut near Oosterpark. Until the beginning of December.


16 10 2016

This month (oktober) I'm exhibiting in the design clothing store Puha in Utrecht.

I'm showing some illustrations and some personal drawings. Come and have a look at the Voorstraat 48!

PUHA facebook

Open Studio

17 09 2016

This sunday the 18th of september!

From 11:00 till 18:00 O'clock.

Vlampijpateliers - Vlampijpstraat 50 in Utrecht


17 09 2016

Illustration for newspaper Trouw.
Article about how stateless people have no rights and struggle to survive


17 09 2016

illustration about how theater directors use current world problems on stage

For dutch performance art magazine De Theatermaker


28 08 2016

Small selection of the animations I made for a book presentation at Lowlands!

Pictures from the event here


19 07 2016

Little animation test.

Le Bazarre market Utrecht

22 06 2016

This Saturday (june 25) I'll be selling some cards and other stuff at the lovely Le Bazarre market in Utrecht!

You'll find all the details here

The Scariest

22 06 2016

Article about the psyche of a lone wolf in newspaper Trouw.

Article in dutch here

Passive Spectator

08 06 2016

Illustration for dutch performance art magazine de Theatermaker.

New studio!

28 05 2016

Superhappy with my new studio which I moved in last April.

There's enough space to mess around and I 
finally start working on some personal projects again.

For more recent works check out my instagram

Illustration for AMC / VUmc

25 05 2016

Plans for one big heart centre in Amsterdam

The bank as a climate saver

14 04 2016

Illustration for newspaper Trouw.

Performing arts / Theatermaker

01 04 2016

Illustration for a Dutch theater magazine.
About how performing artists try to stay afloat.


21 01 2016

The Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union beginning this year and I was asked to make a small map of the highlights in the area where it all takes place.


08 01 2016

A logo I made for a client. Inspired by a Poem of Charles Bukowski called 'Bluebird'.

Manja Kamman helps people to overcome their addictions and bad habits.


11 12 2015

Speaking about watercolor. This one I painted last week. I'm planning to make a small collection of people watching. Stay tuned!

Dark Net

11 12 2015

Journalist and tech blogger Jamie Bartlett wrote a book about the dark side of the internet.
Newspaper Trouw interviewed him and I made this watercolor illustration for it.

Mayors get a lot on their plate these days...

07 11 2015

Illustrations for newspaper Trouw

Animation / GIF

12 10 2015

I really enjoy making little animations these days!

This is a GIF-animation I made for the online magazine De Optimist to accompany a (dutch) poem of Ezra Hakze.

• • • • • •

I'm still quite new to the whole animation/gif technique, so if you'd like to see me practicing, take a look at my online sketchbook: Instagram


10 10 2015

Gun debate America - After yet another school shooting.


De kampioen / ANWB

10 10 2015

A nice project of the ANWB (the dutch Automobile Association). Hand in an old children's bike, it will be refurbished and given to a child without a bike.


12 09 2015

Today in newspaper Trouw: A story about young boys trying to take care of their family. Surviving in tent camps hoping for a safer and better life.


14 10 2015

Illustration about education

Lose way

25 08 2015

Getting Lost in Joshua Tree park. For online magazine Hard/

Welcome to my new site!

07 07 2015

A freshly baked website, powered by Blogbird.

Rotate and you'll be great.